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Believing in Kids & Families  provides counseling services with people from all walks of life. People come to Believing in Kids & Families with varying degrees of resources. Some of these resources are identified below.

Self-Pay Resources

The average session cost for self-pay clients or out-of-network clients is $100-$120, depending upon which clinician you meet with. Again, the fee for services is established with the clinician you are working with.  Please consult with the clinician you will be working with what his or her fees are prior to beginning counseling.  We accept cash, personal checks, business checks, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Full payment as well as co-pay's are required the day of the counseling session.

Victim Compensation

Believing in Kids & Families is a provider for Victim Compensation Benefits.  Victim Compensation Benefits are available to the victim of a crime. The Victim Compensation Board potentially approves these counseling services, however, this is dependent upon the circumstances of the crime along with other variables.

To receive Victim Compensation Benefits the victim of the crime needs to fill out an application with the Victim Compensation Board.  The Victim Compensation Board may approve up to three sessions without the need of a treatment plan provided by the counselor. Additional sessions may be approved by the Victim Compensation Board depending on the nature of the crime and the severity of what the victim is experiencing as related to the crime.  In this circumstance a treatment plan will need to be filed by a counselor.

The fee for the counseling session is predetermined by the Victim Compensation Board. Victim Compensation Benefits are not considered insurance.  Also, if you possess insurance then the counselor will determine whether services will be covered by your insurance company first. For more information regarding Victim Compensation Benefits please contact Sue Coffey, LCSW, RPT/S at 303-794-7008.

Insurance Plans Currently Accepted

Believing in Kids & Families works with most insurance companies, however, we are not listed as a provider with all insurance companies.  Each individual practitioner/therapist has various insurances that he or she is listed with.  Please ask the clinician you are working with which insurances that he or she is listed with when scheduling the initial intake appointment.

The insurance companies that Believing in Kids & Families is currently listed as a provider with are:

Beacon Health
Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield
Cascade EAP
​CIGNA Health Insurance
United Behavioral Health
United Healthcare

If your insurance company is not listed above we may still be able to provide services to you and/or your family members.  The best course of action is for you to first contact your insurance company to find out if you have to meet with an "in-network" provider or if you can meet with an "out-of-network" provider.

Your insurance co-pay may vary depending on what your insurance carrier covers. Please inform us who your health insurance company is when you arrange your first visit and please keep in mind that your co-pay will be due the day of the counseling session.  Please contact Sue Coffey, LCSW at 303-794-7008 for a more detailed assessment concerning your insurance.

Sue Coffey, LCSW is the therapist operating under Believing in Kids & Families, LLC (BIKAF).  All other therapists featured on this website are independent practitioners separate from Believing in Kids & Families, LLC.  BIKAF is not a group practice or partnership.  The practitioners do not supervise each other and have no responsibility for each others practices, employees or renters or for any other professional who rents space at BIKAF.  Each person operates separately, legally and for tax purposes, without direction from any other person, and is subject to the ethical standards and practices of his or her own respective profession.

Fees-Insurance Information
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